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Story to reflect on: Wrinkles - Pablo Sacristán

It was a sunny autumn day the first time Barbara noticed that Grandpa had a lot of wrinkles, not only on his face, but everywhere.- Grandpa, you should give yourself mom's cream for wrinkles.Grandpa smiled, and a lot of wrinkles appeared on his face.- Do you see it? You have too many wrinkles- I already know Barbara. It's just that I'm a little old... But I don't want to lose a single one of my wrinkles. Under each one I keep the memory of something I learned.Barbara's eyes opened as if she had discovered a treasure, and she kept them that way while her grandfather showed her the wrinkle in which he kept the day he learned that it was better to forgive than to hold a grudge, or that other one that said that listening was better than talking, that other huge one that showed that it is more important to give than receive or a very hidden one that said that there was nothing better than spending time with children...From that day on, Barbara found her grandfather more handsome every day, and with every wrinkle that appeared on his face, the girl ran to see what new lesson he had learned. Until, in one of those talks, it was her grandfather who discovered a small wrinkle on the girl's neck:- And you? What lesson do you keep there?Barbara thought for a moment. Then he smiled and said

- That it doesn't matter how old you become a grandfather, because.... I love you!

A fantastic story with which to stop and think and reflect on the value of old age.

For many children, their grandparents or the older people they surround themselves with are those familiar figures who do not run or play with the vitality that they would like.

However, these older people have many wrinkles and in the end, what are those wrinkles? Stories to tell and share.

The role of a grandparent, or elderly person, in the life of a child can provide a multitude of benefits for both: A good conversation, telling vivid stories that will awaken the curiosity of the little ones, talking about customs and family origins, this will help the elderly to exercise their memory, mutual company, the infinite amount of advice... Fostering this relationship can be very enriching.

It is not only important that the little ones learn to value old age, that we instill in them respect for the elderly, that they understand what it means to be an adult and old man, with the difficulties and joys that come with reaching that age. It is also important that people who have surpassed adulthood and are in their third years feel a lot of pride in the years they have lived.

Each of us has a story, but becoming old is a very long journey to be proud of.

Contrary to what many may think, there is no reason to be ashamed when a new gray hair appears, when instead of freckles we get spots or when wrinkles bathe our expression. All these signs of old age have helped us value something and are nothing more than each of the lessons of our own life. Internalizing this concept will help ourselves and in our relationships with subsequent generations, who, in turn, will one day become older.

We must all become aware of the value of old age, support our elders and educate the little ones in these principles.


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