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FaceFist Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit entity whose purposes have been declared of general interest, registered with number 1571 in the Registry of Foundations of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, and domiciled at Madrid 28002, Calle Marqués de Valdecilla 26 bis, with N.I.F. G86714649.


A.    The main purposes of the FOUNDATION are:


I.    The conservation, maintenance, study and restoration of Spanish historical heritage assets, always complying with the requirements of Spanish legislation on Spanish Historical Heritage in force at all times, in particular with respect to the duties of visiting and public exhibition of said assets. . 


II.    The conservation, restoration, organization, transcription, exhibition, study, edition and publication of the documents that make up the Archive of the Counts of Puñonrostro, included in the Inventory of Cultural Assets of the Community of Madrid by Order مه 60/2008, of January 18, as well as other documents that may be incorporated therein in the future. Likewise, the FOUNDATION may finance the carrying out, editing and publication of historical studies on people, events or circumstances related to the documents of the aforementioned Archive.


B.    Purpose and non-main activities:


It constitutes the non-main purpose of the FOUNDATION:


III.    Attention to children and youth. 

To fulfill this purpose, the FOUNDATION may carry out, independently or in collaboration with other non-profit entities, some of the following activities:


to.    Medical and psychological assistance for children and young people, and where appropriate their families, from disadvantaged backgrounds.

b.    Granting of study scholarships and carrying out recreational and cultural activities for children and young people from families without economic resources. 

c.    Training of parents and educators on the education of children and young people through the teaching of courses and the provision of consulting services delivered directly or through any means of communication, including publications or the Internet.

d.    Support and defense of the family unit as a basic and essential nucleus for the good psychological and moral development of minor children.

and.    Training of children and young people in Christian and moral values. 

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