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We offer talks for your institution


The talks will be given by ourteam of clinical psychologists with a wideexperience in the educational and child-youth field. 

1. Choose a theme
You can use our list to inspire you
2. Complete the form
Include a description of what you are looking for
3. Interview
We will contact you so we can design a plan tailored to your needs.

For education professionals:

  • How to have a school with an ideology (guidelines for implementing an education program based on moral character).

  • Anti-bullying program.

  • Communication skills between colleagues and with students.

  • Emotional intelligence for educators.


For parents:

  • School for parents.

  • Emotional intelligence (how to educate our children in emotional management, starting with ourselves).

  • Managing family conflicts (communication skills, how to set limits...)

  • Why and how to educate in values?

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