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"We are looking for providing care to children and youth, training parents and educators, supporting and defending the family unit and training children and young people in Christian and moral values, through the development of a psychological intervention strategy based on scientific evidence."  



We are theFaceFist Foundation, non-profit entity whose purposes have been declared of general interest. We are backed by psychologistsexperts in different areas (communication, education, emotion management, human development...) with a long professional career in the clinical field and in the training of educators and parents. 


We firmly believe that given the problems that our children face today,The best gift we can give them is an education based on values.  For this reason we have sought to give education awhole person approach, generating content that helps parents acquire tools and resources to educate their children ineffort, responsibility, honesty, coherence, solidarity, and teach them to pursue a life with meaning, to build a moral character and to put into practice values that will allow them a more rewarding and fulfilling life, as well as contribute as conscious and responsible citizens to the general well-being of society.


All our content is based on the science of psychology. 

Nuestros principios


Educating has never been an easy task, but we believe that today's parents face more challenges than ever.Furthermore, very often we have to navigate against the current because the family seems to be out of fashion.

We want to help parents be aware, know how to choose and decide for themselves what they want for their children.  And don't be influenced by:

  • The bombardment of information lacking scientific bases and that often contradict each other.

  • Public figures, as well as media and entertainment media that sometimes promote anti-values such as materialism, individualism, violence, selfishness or frivolity.

  • The fears and anguish generated by the high expectations that we impose on ourselves and on us when it comes to educating.

  • The dissemination of currents of thought that attack the family and education in values.

Our principles:

1. We believe that parents are the backbone of the family, being one of the most influential models for their children and those in charge of transmitting to them a scale of values so that they becomeethical and responsible citizens.

2. We consider that the family is the ideal environment where human beings learn to relate to others, with themselves and with the world around them.

3. We understand bymoral values the set of beliefs, convictions and ethical standards of a person that guide their way of being and their behavior, having a great impact on its social, mental, emotional and human well-being.

4. We maintain that both parents and children have theability to develop and learn at whatever life stage they are in.

5. We defend acomprehensive education in which parents, teachers and society collaborate together in the development of children and young people.

Nuestro proyecto


Educating our children is one of the most difficult tasks. personal, family and social impact that we can perform. Even though it is an activityexciting and rewarding, also presentsgreat difficulty and demand, especially if we pursue thepromotion of values. It entails a hugeresponsibility and effort and yet the parentsWe undertake this challenge without an instruction manual and without previous experience..


From this social need for training for education, the desire arises in the Foundation ofsupport and accompany families and educators in this great challenge of learning to educate by educating ourselves.


The Foundation offers help andadvice to parents and educators from an online platform: the Educamos en Familia website. AlsoWe collaborate with other institutions,both in Madrid by teaching courses and workshops in person, and in developing countries through collaboration agreements with local institutions.

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