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Story to reflect on: Half the blanket

Don Roque was already an old man when his wife died; for many years he had worked hard to raise his family.

His greatest wish was to see his son become a good man, respected by others, since to achieve this he dedicated his life and his little fortune.

At 70 years old, Don Roque found himself without strength, without hope, alone and full of memories. He hoped that his son, a brilliant professional, would offer him his support and understanding, but he saw the days go by without him showing up and decided for the first time in his life to ask his son for a favor.

Don Roque knocked on the door of the house where his son lived with his family.

-Hello dad! What a miracle you come here!

- You already know that I don't like to bother you, but I feel very alone, and I'm also tired and old.

- Well, we are very happy that you come to visit us, you already know that this is your home.

- Thank you son, I knew I could count on you, but I was afraid of being a hindrance.

- So you wouldn't mind if I stayed and lived with you? I feel so lonely!

-Stay to live here? Yes... of course... but I don't know if you would be comfortable, you know, the house is small, my wife is very special... and then the children...

- Look son, if I cause you a lot of inconvenience, forget it, don't worry about me, someone will reach out to me.

- No, father, that's not it, it's just that... I can't think of where you could sleep. I can't take anyone out of their room, my children wouldn't forgive me...or just don't mind sleeping on the patio?

- Sleeping on the patio is fine.

- Don Roque's son called his 12-year-old son Luis.

- Tell me dad.

- Look son, your grandfather will stay and live with us. Bring him a blanket to cover himself at night.

- Yes, with pleasure... and where are you going to sleep?

-In the courtyard, he doesn't want us to be uncomfortable because of him.

Luis climbed up the blanket, took some scissors and cut it in two. At that moment his father arrived

-What are you doing Luis? Why do you cut your grandfather's blanket?

- You know dad, I was thinking….

-Thinking about what?

- In saving half of the blanket for when you are old and go to live in my house.

What treatment and care do we give to our parents? What example are we setting for our children?This story, or fable, contains a clear lesson: Be an example of solidarity.

Growing and getting older is part of life, it is a natural law. On many occasions parents, some already grandparents, become burdens for their relatives. We must not forget that one day we were a burden to them. Caring for them with love and patience is the best way to return the love and care they gave us.

In addition, it is very important to remember the example we set for our children. Parents have the enormous ability to influence the actions of children. What we are, how we behave with others, our actions... define us. With great probability we will be a reflection for our children and the actions we carry out today will be repeated by them in the future.

Let us be kind, supportive and considerate of those who need it. Let us especially take care of our parents and elders.

If you want your children to take care of you when you are older, start by taking care of the people who need it. There is no better example!


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