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Books to give this Christmas

Giving books at Christmas is always a good idea. Share the reading and get it shared with you. In some articles we have talked about the benefits that reading and becoming a reader provide. noreferrer" Read here

This Christmas was not going to be any less. Below, we leave you a list of recommended books:


History of the Christmas

Tina Walls

Editorial: Word

At Christmas we have holidays, gifts, lights, party... But what do we really celebrate? Christmas is the birthday of Jesus, who was born many years ago in Bethlehem and stayed with us forever. In this book, through texts and illustrations, we tell you the true story and meaning of Christmas.

My first classical music instruments

Séverine Cordier

Publisher: Planeta

The perfect book to introduce the little ones to the world of classical music. Discover the violin, the flute, the guitar, the trumpet... from the hand of the most famous composers in the history of classical music.

Find, on each double page, the  button  that will make the  classical music sound. A alegre illustration accompanies each melody and makes this compilation of  6 compositions, especially designed for boys and girls, be unique. This book contains melodies by Brahms

Peppa and the Three Wise Men


Publisher: BEASCOA

Peppa and George love the three Wise Men!

Twelfth Night is approaching. The houses are decorated and Peppa and George, like all their friends, already have the letter ready to ask the Three Wise Men for their gifts. But alert! The page is gone and the mailbox is full. How will the little ones be able to send their letters to the Kings?

The book of values for children

Teresa Blanch and Ana Gasol

Publisher: B de Blok

Little Adriana misses her father; Vika strikes up an unexpected friendship; Yuri and his friends deal with a gang of monkeys... These and other stories are found in the pages of this beautiful book, a wonderful and profusely illustrated compilation of original stories. The book of values for children shows us different ways of living and facing conflict situations that require reflection and learning. Through the stories, readers understand what values are and the importance they have in people's lives. A book to read over and over again. A book to feel and reflect. A book to live by. (B for Blok)

Christmas little Nicolás


Publisher: Santillana Educación

Little Nicolás is a very good and generous boy and always think of others. He is even capable of asking for Christmas gifts only for the people he loves. Lots and lots of gifts!



Sepetys Route

Publisher: MAEVA

June 1941, Kaunas, Lithuania. One summer night the Soviet secret police burst into the house of Lina, a fifteen-year-old girl, and take her away along with her mother and brother. His father, a university professor, has disappeared. Through a sober and powerful voice, Lina recounts the long and arduous journey they undertake to the work camps of Siberia. His only means of escape are the drawings that he wants to send to his father so that he knows that they are still alive, and the love he feels for Andrius, another young deported man.

Joan of Arc. The Soldier Girl

Louis De Wohl

Publisher: WORD

Biography of Jeanne D'Arc who in 1429 encouraged the Dauphin to reconquer France.

At a time when women could do very few things, Joan of Arc gathered defeated officers and a discouraged army and led them to victory, installed a weak and desperate prince on his rightful throne, and it gradually became clear to the Church and the people that Joan was telling the truth when she claimed that she had been sent by God. .

The Minion

Sergei Kourdakov

Publisher: PALABRA

Classic of youth literature, it tells the autobiographical testimony of a young Russian who belonged to the police of his country and participated in religious persecution.

Educated in Bolshevik orphanages and state schools, he became the head of the Young Communist League. In charge of a special division of the police that brutally persecuted groups of believers, that is, clandestine Christians, whom Russian communism considered a public enemy.

Disillusioned with the communist system, he flees Russia. When he is a radio officer on a ship off the coast of Canada, he swims into the sea in a storm. "Why was I there, on that cold morning of September 4, 1971, so close to death and far from my home? Why had he abandoned the life of a naval officer and Head of the Communist Youth of the USSR, to come to fall here on the threshold of death, on these rocky and hostile coasts of Canada? It had all started a long time before, in Russia, with my grandfather and grandmother... ".

A tale of Christmas for Le Barroux

Natalia Sanmartín

Publisher: Planeta

A Christmas Carol for Le Barroux tells the story of a motherless child who tirelessly asks God if what she told him about Bethlehem, the sky and the stars really happened. Day after day, for three long years, he begs for a sign. Until the third Christmas comes...

Run to live

Lopez Lomong

Editorial: WORD

Enthralling book about the biography of a young man who had everything against him but followed an unattainable dream. Lopez Lomong tells us how he went from being a poor child soldier in the Sudanese civil war to becoming a North American Olympic athlete sponsored by Nike; about how he survived the terrible Kakuma refugee camp without family and how he managed to get out of there, thus avoiding a future doomed to hopelessness. Lomong's life is proof that in the greatest darkness, God can shine light and offer hope to those who have lost it. An example of courage, hard work and tenacity to achieve one's ideals.


Spain in the world. Curiosities to read as a family

Fermín Valenzuela, Manuel Ángel Cuenca

Publisher: Edaf

With the help of Juan Sebastián Elcano we will visit, in this book, those territories that They were part of the Spanish Empire, both in the Old and New Worlds; We will meet many characters who, without necessarily being Spanish, nourished the History of Spain inside and outside the borders; We will better investigate our past and explain those topics that weigh on our legacy. Finally, on a trip as enriching as this one, you cannot miss a guided tour of the Spanish heritage spread throughout the world. Get on the Victoria ship and share, with your family, this trip through Spain, throughout the world


G.K. Chesterton

Publisher: Rialp

Family History is a compilation of Chesterton's texts that show the beauty and the importance of family, in a world that seems to have lost its meaning and wants to end it. Topics such as love, marriage and parenthood are presented against other issues of modern fashion and philosophies such as divorce, abortion and contraception. Through the book, its author calls readers to understand that the family is the foundation on which society is built.


Daniel Arasa

Editorial: SEKOTIA

Learn through the screen: how cinema can help you teach values to your children. This book immerses us in a very wide range of topics related to the cinema-family binomial: cinema and series as an educational instrument; everyday life; the family as a source of life and hope; the influence of cinema on young people and adolescents; the figure of the father and grandparents in the cinema; the family in animated cinema, in Spanish cinema or in that of the Far East; parents and children filmmakers or making music together as a family; forgiveness in cinema; the treatment of drugs and alcoholism, human sexuality...

_11100000-0000-0000- 0000-000000000111_The book of generosity

Mónica López

Publisher: Grijalbo

The path we must follow to trust again and live better is generosity. If people are generous and base their interactions with the world on collaboration and the ethics of the common good, we will feel more secure, grateful, hopeful, optimistic and happy.


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