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Books to prevent and talk about bullying

A very useful tool to address the issue of bullying from a very early age is through stories and tales.


Publisher: BEASCOA

Winner of the Boolino Prize for illustrated album 2016.

Bruno and Pedro are great friends and share many moments together: they go to the movies, play soccer, do their homework...But everything changes when Sergio starts making fun of Bruno for his hat. For fear of not being accepted by the group, Pedro distances himself from Bruno and they stop being friends. When Pedro's mother finds out, she will make him understand that friends are there to have good times but also to help each other when they have problems.

¡PONTE MIS GAFAS! Cuento contra el acoso escolar – Aurora Soto Díaz (awarded in 2019 as the 9th best Primary Education teacher in Spain at the Educa Abanca awards)


Lucía is a girl with vision problems who needs to wear glasses. Some of her classmates make fun of her for this reason and insult her. With the support of classmates, family and teacher he will face this situation.

Todos con Vanesa – Kerascöet

Publisher: BEASCOA

Vanesa returns home alone after class when a classmate picks on her, but, luckily, one of her classmates sees what happened and decides that the whole class should get together so as not to leave her alone. An exciting illustrated book without words that tells the story in images of a girl who suffers bullying and a classmate who sees everything and is not sure how to help. Exploring the feelings of helplessness and anger of those who witness a partner being mistreated, the authors show us, through expressive illustrations, how a single act of kindness can lead an entire community to come together to help someone in need.< /p>

Publisher: MARCOMBO

5+ years

Tesa observes that her friend Víctor is sad and alone during recess. He has witnessed how some classmates laughed while looking at him from afar and made some derogatory comments about him. What can Tesa do in this situation? Should he give importance to what is happening or should he simply let it go? Will Tesa be able to help Victor?

HOY NO JUEGAS – Pilar Serrano

Publisher: Nube Ocho

You don't play today! A new girl has arrived at class, her name is Emma. She takes food from the children, decides who plays at recess and also what is played. What will Ana and her friends do to defend themselves?


PIM! BAM! BOOM! – Elisenta Roca and Cristina Losantos

Publisher: BAMBU

Camilo has changed schools and is happy: he will make new friends and have a great time. But be careful! At the back of the class there are a couple of bugs called Marta and Enrique and they communicate by hitting, kicking, biting, spidering.

Publisher: Beascoa

Story made up of three stories. Each of these three stories focuses on one of the different groups involved in bullying: those who suffer, those who cause it, and those who witness it.

¿Qué le pasa a Uma? – Raquel Díez Reguera

Publisher: Nube Ocho

7+ years

No one knows what's wrong with Uma. His gaze is lost and his silences are endless. “Could it be that he's getting older?” his mother thinks. Uma is sad and the reality is that she is being bullied at school.


Editorial: Nube de Tinta

10+ years

Book series that explains the same story of bullying, from different perspectives. Each look is a different character.

Nata y Chocolate – Alicia Borrás Sanjurjo

Publisher: ANAYA

10+ years

Sonia is a quiet, sad and lonely girl. The reason is that her classmates pick on her for being albino; Lola even makes him do her homework. Nobody seems to notice this situation until a new teacher arrives at the center and decides to change what is happening.

Editorial: Nube de tinta

12+ years

It consists of five stories about bullying. Five successful influencers come together in this book to tell five stories of overcoming harassment, some of them autobiographical. Includes interviews with the authors.


Publisher: Alfaguara

14+ years

Everyone has secrets, right? But what would they be able to do to protect them? Simon Kelleger went too far by telling everyone, through an App, the most intimate secrets of his classmates... Now that Simon is dead, there is only one big secret left to reveal. We have four suspects and we propose a challenge: will you find out who murdered him? #SomeoneIsLying

A new app is cornering the elite of Bayview High School for high profile students. Leaks about the private lives of students spread like wildfire through the new social network created by Simon Kelleher, a student at the same institution. But things get very serious when Simon is murdered right in front of his victims. The four leaders of the student "crème de la crème" become direct suspects in the murder. What secrets would they keep to risk taking down Simon? Who will be the culprit? A thriller that will keep you holding your breath until the end. Simon Kelleher is Gossip Girl in the real world, where the danger of misusing social networks is latent in society, especially among the youngest.

Invisible – Eloy Moreno

Editorial: Nube de tinta

14+ years

Who hasn't ever wanted to be invisible? Who hasn't ever wanted to stop being one? The problem is that I have never managed to control that power well: Sometimes, when I most wanted to be invisible, it was when the most people saw me, and on the other hand, when I wanted everyone to see me, that was when my body gave up. disappear.


This is an explanatory and didactic manual, which offers answers to the fundamental questions that any minor or adult asks when faced with a case of this guy. It has two very different parts: one for parents, teachers and guardians, and another for minors.


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