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Books to read with grandparents

One of children's favorite activities is having stories read to them. We have developed a selection of books and stories to share with grandparents.In all of them the grandson-grandfather relationship is the protagonist.

We hope you like them and we would love for you to share your suggestions with us.

Author: David Mckee


Elmer has decided to pay his grandfather Eldo a visit. He has fun reminding his grandfather of the things they used to do together when he was little. But is Eldo as forgetful as Elmer thinks? He may be getting older, but he's still an elephant. And elephants never forget... or do they?

This book is a children's classic, which transmits values such as friendship, solidarity and respect to children.

Author: Tracey Moroney

Publisher: S.M. Editorial

There are many things I like about my grandparents: they love me, they take care of me, they tell me many stories, they take care of me...

A book full of illustrations thattransmit positive feelings and a lot of emotion.

Author: Lane Smith

Publisher: OCEANO

Grandpa spends all day in his garden with the pruning shears in his hands. But before he had a splendid life that now he no longer remembers or at least cannot name... That is why he spends his hours designing mysterious shapes in hedges and bushes that allow him to inhabit the territories lost in the past and share them.

A book as enigmatic as it is beautiful, which explores the forms of communication that defeat aging and oblivion.

Author: Ana María Machado

Publisher: SM

A nice grandmother is dying to travel. But since he has no money, he decides to make a huge balloon. After a few days of work, the balloon is ready to fly. However, different animals ask him to go with her... What adventures will occur on such a peculiar trip? A fun book that shows the strength of imagination and group unity.

Author: Juan Carlos Borrego

Editorial: Cuéntame Tu Vida

A book designed to have an autobiography of your grandmother. In it you can answer questions like Who were your best friends when you were young? And tell anecdotes, memories, experiences... The book is full of questions and you can also add photographs.

A customizable book that can be a great family souvenir.

Author: Raquel Díaz Reguera


There are grandmothers in all corners of the Earth. We have all met one or many, our own or those of others.

A book that will make you remember all the sweet moments you spent with your grandmother

Author: Michael Catchpool illustrations by Sophie Williams

Publisher: Editorial juventud

Since grandfather died, his beloved boat, the Periwinkle, has been abandoned and useless. The family is too sad to clean and paint it. But Dad realizes that if they get the boat back they will also get Grandpa's memories back.

Author: Giles Andreae


My grandmother loves me so, so much… as I love her!

The special relationship that exists between a child and his grandmother is faithfully reflected in this album with magnificent illustrations full of tenderness. So that grandmothers and grandchildren can enjoy together the magical moment of reading a story.

Authors: Grandpa Chan and Grandma Marina

Publisher: SUMA

Illustrated book about the deep and unbreakable bond between grandparents and grandchildren and the kind of love that bridges any distance.

Like many grandparents who cannot spend all the time they want with their grandchildren, Grandpa Chan and Grandma Marina, a Korean couple, decided to learn how to use social networks and opened a profile on Instagram to feel closer to them. them.

These pages compile Grandpa Chan's beautiful watercolors and Grandma Marina's inspiring texts that made her account @drawings_for_my_grandchildren famous, now an award winner Webby.

What began as a small and curious family project soon went around the world and excited thousands of people who, like them, have been forced to be far from their loved ones.

Author: Ready and Ready

Publisher: CreateSpace

With this book you can have in writing everything that deserves to be remembered about someone so important in your life. An original way to show someone how valuable they are for you.

The true gift is not the book, but the entire life that will be written in it.


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