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We are about to say goodbye to 2023 and we want to share with all of you the articles that you liked the most this year.



1.  The importance of being patient

Patience could be defined as the ability to tolerate, calmly, the different setbacks, annoyances or expectations that life puts before us. Taking this into account, do you think it is important to be patient to be happy and live peacefully?

In this article we compile all the benefits that you will enjoy if you practice patience.

2. Autonomy: Adolescents, practical proposals

Do you want your teenager to be more autonomous? Then this article is for you.

We propose a series of activities that range from learning to manage your money to learning to take care of yourself.


3. Sorry: From 6 to 12 years practical proposals

At these ages children will have more opportunities to face situations in which they have to forgive and be forgiven. It is very important that they have the necessary skills to resolve conflicts and do not have problems accepting other people's apologies.

In this article you will find practical resources to work on forgiveness in an easy and educational way.


4. solidarity is born in the family.

As with other values, solidarity is a value that can and must be learned.

We give you some tips so that through your own behavior, you educate in solidarity.

5.  The will: What is it and why is it so important?

Willpower is the effort capacity that human beings have to carry out an action plan or meet our goals. One of the most important values to be successful in life since it can save us from falling into unhealthy behaviors and helps us form habits that improve our quality of life.

In this article we reflect on the willpower and effort.


6.  What can you do if your child has already seen or consumes pornography?

Pornography is on the Internet so if your child has access to the Internet, they can be exposed to it.

In this article truthful and scientific information about pornography and we give you practical advice, adapted to each age, to address the issue.

7. Transsexuality and adolescence: Fashion or reality?

Some time ago, news and fervent debates began to emerge regarding issues related to transsexuality and gender dysphoria. We write this article to inform families of this situation from a scientific and rigorous level .

We believe that it is a topic that we should all be well informed about.


8. 4 exercises to regain connection and complicity with your partner

Everyday life, problems and routines end up burying the loving gestures that we were so excited to give and receive at the beginning of the relationship. If this is your case or if you want to further strengthen your relationship, we encourage you to read this article.


9. Stories to help children sleep

Did you know that reading helps you fall asleep and rest? In this article you will find a small selection of books to help your children sleep.


10. Family mental health

Having mental health, in addition to the absence of mental disorders, means being able to face life correctly, and adequately manage our emotions and our relationships to enjoy inner peace and well-being.

In this article we have collected a series of activities to promote family mental health.

If this selection has aroused your curiosity and you want to continue learning, we encourage you to browse our blog in which you will find articles, guides and resources on values, educational guidelines, family and current affairs .


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